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"A person must be responsible, benevolent, with a firm life position."

The production site of the gold mining company Polyus Magadan, the Natalka deposit, is located in the Tenkinsky district of the Magadan region, 400 km from Magadan. This is today Natalka GOK – a modern technological production with a developed infrastructure of a shift camp, in which 3,500 people live. Now the shift camp includes comfortable dormitories, canteens, and a landscaped area. However, in 2011, when Alexandrova Olga Vladimirovna began working at Polyus Magadan as a commandant, production looked different. At that time, after the transition from underground mining to open-pit mining, the grandiose construction of the new Natalka GOK had just begun. Thanks to hard work, love for their work and for people, Olga Vladimirovna and her colleagues managed to create modern and comfortable living conditions for those who are forced to work away from home, in the conditions of the Far North. Under her leadership, 12 dormitories and 3 canteens were launched, a personal protective equipment storage room was opened, a milk production line was launched, the territory is being landscaped and landscaped. According to colleagues, Olga Vladimirovna is a person with a big heart, she enjoys great authority and respect, she is able to find a way out of the most difficult situation, she is always ready to help, cheer, and give valuable advice.

More comfortable and more convenient: this is my main task

I work at Polyus Magadan as a senior social infrastructure maintenance specialist. I have been in this position since 2020. Prior to that, I worked for about eight years as a commandant and manager of social services. My job is to make people who come to work on a shift feel comfortable and convenient, so that they can eat deliciously, sleep peacefully between shifts, do not experience strong homesickness, and have the opportunity to communicate with their loved ones through high-quality communication. In addition, my job is to ensure that our facilities are built, expanded, become more comfortable and convenient for employees. This is my main task.

Growing with the company

When I came to work at Polyus Magadan, there was no administrative department yet. I had to build the whole structure from the very beginning. There were two dormitories on the site at that time. In fact, I was alone in the department. By the end of 2011, there were already three of us in the department: my colleagues appeared, whom I selected on my own. The work began to develop. First, the construction of new temporary dormitories was designed, then the construction of permanent dormitories began at the rotational complex of contractors (VKPO). We fully debugged the work of all departments in terms of supplying the office, improving living conditions and food. In 2012-2014 dormitories and two canteens were built. This is just in time, because at that time the enterprise began to expand, open-pit mining began, and the number of employees began to grow. We have grown with the company.

We have built a complex work necessary for the comfortable living of employees at Natalka GOK, implemented large-scale social and household projects: hostels, canteens, a milk production line and others.

Prior to this, dormitories were built almost temporarily for the mass stay of people with corridor infrastructure, so to speak. And the new dormitory that was built meets the Polyus standards. It was evident that the soul was invested in it. To make everyone feel comfortable. Yes, there are some little things that were not foreseen, but you cannot foresee everything. We will take these comments and suggestions into account in future projects. If we talk about the new canteen on the territory of the gold recovery plant, now it is one of the most comfortable canteens on the site: huge workshops and a trading floor, retail space and top-level service. Such projects show that Polyus cares about its employees, the company is not indifferent to how they live, in what conditions they eat.

The production of a dairy line at Natalka is a very good undertaking. To be honest, we spied on the project at Yeruda ( Olimpiada Mining and Processing Plant, Krasnoyarsk business unit of Polyus) when we were there on a business trip to exchange experience. We really liked that the employees drink natural reconstituted milk and fermented milk products. I really wanted to make such a line at home, so that our employees would drink not long-term packaged packaged milk, but a fresh and healthy product. At the initial stage, we will have kefir and reconstituted milk. The interesting thing is that the line can always be expanded and made, for example, the production of yogurt. In the future, the production of cottage cheese and sour cream is considered. People who work in highlands, in areas difficult to live in, receiving milk, will be charged with cheerfulness and positive.

We understand that in any situation, the person is the most important thing.

Last year, of course, tested our strength, our ability to fit into one team, and our ability to protect employees from disease outbreaks on the site. We did a lot of work: we equipped observatories, hospitals, organized the breeding of employees in canteens. We have expanded our functionality to a fairly large volume. Probably, after moving away from the issues of the pandemic, we will leave the options for maintaining the beams ( houses that were used for the observation of employees ). We will also be able to use the very convenient Stop-COVID program, prepared by our colleagues just as part of preventing the spread of infection at the GOK. Thanks to the program, you can track when an employee entered and left the village, or where he is at the moment. But the most important thing is that during the pandemic, priorities were once again set: that is, we understand that in any situation, a person is the most important thing. And if we are able to protect it from danger, then we must do it by uniting together.

What projects in your work would you like to implement in the near future?

The nearest projects are the continuation of landscaping at the site, the creation of a cozy comfortable zone at the VKPO site. At the moment, work is already underway on the installation of equipment, on filling the site, on concreting the paths. I think that it will be a good recreational area with a cozy gazebo and beautiful lanterns, where an employee can sit in the summer and, for example, call home. As for the winter period, it is, of course, more difficult there. We will try to make closed gazebos so that it does not blow through.

Many colleagues know you as a caring, reliable, kind, energetic, fair, strong woman with unshakable authority. What is your secret?

There are no special secrets. You need to treat your work in such a way that you are not ashamed of what you are doing. And it’s important to treat people the way you want them to treat you. Yes, it’s tough, but not cruel. Somewhere, in someone’s opinion, it is unfair, although, on the other hand, having more than 3,000 people on the site, it is necessary to find those parity principles in which there will be justice for everyone. It is difficult to get used to new circumstances, to new realities, but it is practically impossible to live without it. Employees are different. Everyone has their own character, their own requirements: for some they are too high, for others they are too low. Make sure everyone is comfortable and at ease

How do you prepare for difficult work?

I probably don’t need to tune in to a difficult job. Working in an industry such as food and service is always a lot of problems and not so many solutions. Difficulties occur at every stage. It is necessary for people to explain how to behave in a hostel, what they can use, what conditions they find themselves in, and respond to questions about personal incompatibility. That is, we also had to delve into such things: to settle one from the other in order to avoid conflicts. Therefore, to say that sometime the work is easy, and sometime it is difficult, it will probably be wrong. Work always keeps in good shape. And we are ready for any suddenness to quickly get up and do our job. And not in such a way as to report on the completion of the task nominally, but to complete it completely and completely, putting your soul into the matter.

How to be successful at work?

In order to succeed, the most important thing is to understand that one in the field is not a warrior. We need a cohesive team. We have just such a team. We always know who you can rely on in any situation. We know perfectly well who is well involved in supply, write-off, receipt and other routine work. Who can run, see, do, prevent, fix. And who can deal with nutrition issues, conduct checks. The biggest secret is the team. Nothing more to add here.

Tell us about your hobbies

I like to read. I love reading poetry and poetry. I really like adventure books. I really like the articles and books of the writer and geographer Vladimir Obruchev. It is very interesting to read, sometimes I reread it. I also love cinema.

What qualities should be inherent in a person of your profession?

A person who works in the service sector, first of all, needs patience, patience and more patience. A person should be responsible, benevolent, with a firm life position. That is, if a person said “yes”, then he will break, but he will do it. If he said no, then there must be reasons for this, which he can clearly explain.

What is the most important thing in life for you?

The most important thing for me, as for many others, is my family: my husband, my daughter. By the way, they also work at Polyus Magadan. And the son, who strayed a little from us, and works in culture in Magadan. When we are all together, we are a great friendly force. And if difficult life situations arise, our faith and love make us unite and solve them together.

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