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Interviews and success stories of WIM Russia community members

Career in gold mining

Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Development at Polyus on how working with schoolchildren and students helps to solve business problems

“We must say yes and by personal example dispel myths about the profession.”

Anna Korotchenkova, head Director of Research and Development of the NLMK Group, part-time mother of many children, in an interview with WIM Russia talks about her experience in men's teams, R&D in metallurgy and the "duty" of women.

“I always work for the result”

Anna Glushkova is not afraid of difficulties and is ready to work without a break for sleep and food to achieve her goals. It is not surprising that, having started her career at Polymetal as a sampler, Anna became the chief engineer of a gold recovery plant in Chukotka at the age of 26. Another recognition in the profession was the victory in the award "Talented Woman in the Extractive Industry" in the nomination "Leader of the Future".

“The profession has a masculine character. But there is no need to be afraid of this.”

Our heroine, Tatyana Kotareva, chose the profession of a geologist in the 9th grade and has never regretted it since then. Tatyana Pavlovna adheres to an active life position and is not afraid of difficulties. In her youth, she decided to enter not the nearest city, where there was a geological faculty, but the Sverdlovsk Mining Institute. Working at Stoilensky GOK, she took on a "public burden" - coordinating the implementation of the mining and geological information system (GGIS). And this year she applied for participation in the contest "Talented Woman in the Extractive Industry" and won in the nomination "Mentor of the Year".

“If a person wants to achieve something, then there are no obstacles, regardless of gender”

"Professional competitions help to look back and evaluate yourself and your merits. And it is very important to talk about the successful stories of women who realize themselves and find themselves in different professions of our industry. This helps to get rid of complexes and prejudices and opens up new horizons of possibilities. " At the "Talented Woman in the Extractive Industry" competition, Tamara Golovina, Head of Polymetal's Technology and Joint Projects Directorate, won in the Inspiring Leader category.

“In the profession of a geologist there is a place for softness and femininity”

At the age of 25, Ekaterina Pogoreltseva is not only the chief hydrogeologist at Stoilensky GOK, but also a young scientist, the winner of the contest "Talented Woman in the Mining Industry" in the nomination "Breakthrough of the Year". Ekaterina has an internship in China and responsible work on the study of the impact of tailings ponds on groundwater. And this is a young beautiful girl - a clear refutation of the stereotype about the geologist as a "bearded and unkempt man."

“The profession is interesting, and I enjoy the work”

Lyudmila Tomilova, an environmentalist from St. Petersburg, has been working as a leading environmental engineer at Polyus Magadan for more than five years. As Lyudmila says, the work is responsible, serious and interesting. In their work, the company's environmentalists identify risk factors associated with the impact of production activities on the environment, as well as reduce or eliminate this impact.

Theatre House and Volunteer Grants: Rich Life in Polyus’ Regions

Victoria Vasilyeva, director of public relations of the company, told TASS about how Polyus supports contemporary art, how to find a room for a regional theater and what volunteer projects are implemented by ordinary employees.

“Despite the weather conditions, whether it’s rain or frost, surveyors have to do their job”

Tatyana Morozova, a technician-cartographer at Polyus Magadan, talks about what determined her future profession.

“I will implement the PSP, I want to stand at the helm of change!”

Tamara Sisauri, Senior Specialist of the Operational Efficiency Directorate at Polyus Magadan, talks about love for change, professional growth through keen interest and long-awaited projects.

“In our department, everyone deserves an award”

When you love your job, and you go to work with joy, and any innovations - from automation of control systems to 3D design of mining operations - are also a joy. This is also the case for one of the winners of the "Engineer of the Year" competition, nadezhda Drobinina, chief specialist of the technical department for the prospective development of the Severny mine of the Kola MMC.

“Golden Idea of the Year” – a new nomination of the Award “Talented Woman in the Extractive Industry 2022”

Let's share the story of Olga Kuzakova, a senior expert in communication in the field of occupational health and safety at Polyus, whose concept turned out to be the most creative and became the name of this year's nomination.