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February 18 10:00 - 11:30 (Moscow time) Webinar “Crisis communications. How to deal with toxic people.

Who do you think is provoked more often in business life, men or women?!

Where there are more provocations, at home or at work!?

Is it possible not to forgive insults and not quarrel at the same time ?!

February 18 at the webinar “Crisis Communications. How to communicate with toxic interlocutors”, Katerina Ryndyk-Igol and Irina Komarova, trainers of the “K in Cuba” business communication school, will give answers to these questions. The author’s technique, gained through suffering: for many years we (in the past, television journalists) used it in the “terrarium of like-minded people.” Now it is one of the most demanded programs in the School.

Webinar program:

  1. What are the provocations? And why do they bother us so much?
  2. Formula response to any provocation.
  3. How to protect yourself psychologically from a provocateur?
  4. But what if the “toxic interlocutor” is your boss?! behavior strategy.
  5. Summing up and answering questions.

At the webinar, we will not only share our experience, but also analyze your crisis situations. Prepare questions.

See you on February 18th.

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