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"Golden Idea of the Year" – a new nomination of the Award "Talented Woman in the Extractive Industry 2022"

This year, among the nominations of the “Talented Woman in the Extractive Industry 2022” Award, a new one appeared “Golden Idea of the Year”, which is supported by the gold mining company PJSC Polyus.

In this nomination, we expect applications from women whose ideas have become a real “trend” in the industry: they began to be replicated, they influenced a significant number of people, processes, laid the foundation for positive, necessary changes.
Polyus paid special attention to supporting Women in Mining Russia and the Prize: colleagues launched an internal corporate competition for the best name of the nomination.

We would like to share with you the story of Olga Kuzakova, a senior expert in communication in the field of labor protection and industrial safety at Polyus, whose concept turned out to be the most creative and became the name of the nomination this year:

“I’ve always wanted to do something that can change my life for the better, since I was a kid. And I couldn’t even figure out who I could become so that I could do something important useful for people. Fortunately, I was able to realize my wish. After university, I worked in television for many years and led social projects. The invitation to Polyus for me became a new round in my life, I came to Polyus Verninskoye to do PR. For almost four years she worked in the city of Bodaibo, Irkutsk Region, where the Verninskoye field is located. And in this small city, the company makes every effort to help people – hospital financing, targeted assistance, city improvement, social projects. It’s a simple and beautiful philosophy to make the world a better place together. The company itself is also constantly working to improve, modernize all aspects of the work. And the more processes in the modern world are automated, the higher intellectual work, the creation of something unique, the generation of ideas are valued.

When this year our company “Polyus” decided to support the award “Talented Woman in the Extractive Industry” and announced a competition for the name of the nomination, I immediately thought that the name “Golden Idea of the Year” could be very suitable. Ideology was also on the surface for me – ideas that change lives for the better, it’s all about Polyus, in our company people are open to change, ready to share their ideas with colleagues, with employees of other enterprises, just with residents of the territory of the company’s presence. I hope that the projects that will be submitted in this nomination will also contribute to changing companies, improving processes, and changing for the better.

After my name was adopted as the name of the nomination, my life changed, since the end of March I have been working in the head office of the company in Moscow. I was entrusted with a very responsible task – the development of communication in the field of labor protection. And here it is also very important good ideas that will help to correctly convey information about how to work safely. Hopefully they’ll be truly golden.”