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"I will implement the PSP, I want to stand at the helm of change!"

Tamara Sisauri, Senior Specialist of the Operational Efficiency Directorate at Polyus Magadan, talks about love for change, professional growth through keen interest and long-awaited projects.

Our company selected me at the university as part of the recruitment project for the launch of natalka ZIF, in the HR block as a specialist in the recruitment and training department. In 2018, the implementation of the Polyus Production System (PSP) was launched in our business unit. The new direction interested me. And, after talking with colleagues from operational efficiency, I decided for myself: “I will implement the PSP, I want to stand at the helm of change!”. Operational efficiency attracted the opportunity to influence changes in the company’s processes, to contribute to the development of production culture. I achieved my goal – I was invited to work in the Directorate for Operational Efficiency.

In the area of my responsibility – control over the dynamics of the development of PSP at Natalka GOK and the introduction of SSP tools in the following areas: 6C, SOP, Proposal System, project management, training of employees, motivation of employees in the framework of the implementation of the PSP, organization of competitions.

I love dynamic work, communication with employees, teamwork. I am glad that I work directly on the production site, in the place where the value of the company is created. Multitasking and multidirectionality of operational development tasks motivate me to personal development, in such an active environment it is impossible not to grow above myself, constantly improving my competencies.

Do not be afraid of change and learn! In our time, loyalty to change is no longer an abstract issue, but the need to be flexible to changing conditions and technologies. Any changes bring new opportunities! Yes! Any change is fraught with inconvenience and apprehension, but in fact it is a breakaway point of growth.

One of the most relevant and long-awaited projects is the launch of the company-wide portal for submitting proposals “Polyus of Ideas”. In this system, each employee of the company can submit ideas, observe the progress of coordination, comment on ideas, communicate with colleagues, observe ideas submitted in other business units of Polyus. This is a great base of best practices.