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"In our department, everyone deserves an award"

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When you love your job, and you go to work with joy, and any innovations – from automation of control systems to 3D design of mining operations – are also a joy.

This is also the case for one of the winners of the “Engineer of the Year” competition, nadezhda Drobinina, chief specialist of the technical department for the prospective development of the Severny mine of the Kola MMC.

More than 15 years in the company

Nadezhda Alexandrovna is from Belarus. After 11 years, she chose the profession of a geologist – she entered the St. Petersburg State University. He says that the high level of training has influenced.

— I consider myself more of a humanitarian, so I chose a faculty where there are technical and humanitarian components. The Faculty of Geology turned out to be just that – the golden mean. And I have never regretted the choice. We had high-quality training: world-famous teachers, luxurious practices – they went to Sablino, Crimea, Pitkäranta, – recalls Nadezhda Drobinina.

After graduating from the university, the young specialist went to work in the profile – she went on a mining and geological expedition from Nevskgeologiya near Medvezhyegorsk. I worked there for three years. And it so happened that her wife was invited to work in the Kola MMC – together with him she came to Zapolyarny.

“I started in 2005 as a district geologist of the Pechenga integrated geological exploration expedition, and the next year I was transferred to the Severny mine, where I have been working for more than 15 years,” smiles the interlocutor of the

New mining software? It’s exciting!

At the mine, she worked her way up from a district geologist to the chief specialist of the technical department for the prospective development of the Severny mine. Competent and purposeful, Nadezhda Drobinina successfully solves a variety of production issues.

So, in the late 2000s, together with colleagues of the group for the implementation of automated control systems for design and mining operations, she worked on the implementation of an electronic system of mining and geological positioning in the direction of 3D geological modeling in the MineScape program. At that time, it was necessary, for example, to digitize everything that the geologists of the production site had been doing on paper for decades.

– It was not so simple: first, they scanned a paper carrier, then in a special program they digitized, brought together ore bodies. This is how geological 3D modeling was created, “explains Nadezhda Alexandrovna.

A new interesting task, in the solution of which she participated, is the introduction of the Mining and Geological Information System “Micromine” at the Severny mine. This made it possible to combine several areas of mining operations and literally make a technological breakthrough in the field of their 3D design. At that time, the mine successfully implemented an automated production control system, a communication and positioning system, as well as multivariate mining planning and modeling with a ten-day planning module.

“We were trained by specialists of GGIS Micromine, but we had to run a lot of working moments on our own, because several industries are already combined here – both modeling and multivariate mining planning,” said Nadezhda Alexandrovna. – Interest and openness to the new played a role here. Instructions in English – sometimes not everything is clear, but solving their problems they studied everything, because it was necessary to make everything work: wells, penetration …

Thanks to the introduction of new systems, the operator sitting on the surface can control the machine that performs drilling operations underground. And the specialists of the technical department for the prospective development of the Severny mine can download the necessary data, depending on the task and the information received from the surveyors. All this can be compared with a computer game, where Nadezhda Drobinina and her colleagues act as moderators of the process.

— My first computer appeared when I was working, but I loved to work in programs, to participate in their launch on the site. Because I like the process itself, it’s interesting! She says. It’s a creative process because a lot of things are changing. It is very interesting to try all this in your work.

Interest and love for her work in our interlocutor is manifested in everything. So, in 2019, technical solutions for the production of mining and cleaning operations, reflected in local projects carried out by Nadezhda Drobinina, made it possible not only to achieve high planned indicators for ore mining, but also to increase the wear resistance of equipment, improve the quality of cleaning operations with the applied development system. And in 2020, on her initiative, electronic drilling passports for tunneling and cleaning operations were developed and optimized. This made it possible to improve the quality of sinking of mine workings and increase the productivity of self-propelled drilling rigs.

When work is favorite

Our interlocutor with such enthusiasm and excitement tells about her work that you understand – in front of you is a person who is rooting for a common cause with all his heart.

— More than once my colleagues and I thought about the fact that our life consists of 70 percent of work. And if you do not like your work, then such a large amount of time is simply wasted, “says Nadezhda Alexandrovna.

In her working life, everything turned out correctly: work is beloved, brings joy and satisfaction. And a pleasant addition was a well-deserved award: at the end of 2021, Nadezhda Drobinina was awarded the title of “Professional Engineer of Russia” with the presentation of the corresponding certificate and sign.

— I believe that such an award as “Engineer of the Year” is given for interest in the profession, for interest in working for the sake of work. And in our team, such a title can be awarded to everyone, “she is sure.

Wife, mother and photographer

In her extracurricular life, Nadezhda Drobinina is the wife and mother of two sons. He talks about children with a smile and maternal pride: the eldest son loves to read and has his own library, the younger one draws and began to study kobudo.

There is a place for hobbies in her life. And different. For example, psychology, which has interested for quite some time. And this interest led her to the Institute of Sanogenic Thinking, where she is trained.

“There has always been an interest in psychology, as well as in creativity,” says Nadezhda Drobinina.

And creativity in the life of our interlocutor is photography. The roots of this hobby should be sought somewhere in childhood – behind the shoulders of an art school. Probably, there Nadezhda Alexandrovna learned to see the unusual in the ordinary and find beauty where the other will simply pass by. The main thing in her photographic works is a portrait framed by a landscape.

“I believe that a photo without a live background is on the passport,” smiles our interlocutor. – And if there is a person in the landscape – here you can combine the picture and tell the story to the viewer, or give the opportunity to think for yourself.

For Nadezhda Alexandrovna, photography is not just a process of shooting. It is attracted by the capabilities of various programs, graphic editors and applications. The result is extraordinary work. They can be seen, for example, in her office. And on holidays, the photographer gladly creates unique portrait cards for colleagues.

By the way, recently a new hobby has appeared in her life – the creation of videos:

– I do small video stories like that. To a greater extent, this applies to car travel during the holidays. All this is still without editing and just for family viewing and pleasant memories.

Alena AFANASOVA. Photo from the archive of Nadezhda DROBININA