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March 3 from 11:00 to 12:30 (Moscow time) Webinar "Five secrets of communication with the media from professional journalists"

– How to prepare for interviews with journalists?

– How to respond to provocative questions?

– How interesting is it to talk about the company, its products and services?

The presenters are trainers of the school of business communication “K in Cuba” Irina Komarova and Katerina Ryndyk-Igol, who for more than 15 years have been preparing professionals of big business in Russia for public speaking and working with the media, analyzing the strategies of behavior and acute issues that may arise during the interview.

Participants of the training will learn:

🔹How to prepare life jackets and information bombs in advance

🔹How to improvise so that it is not “excruciatingly painful” for the reputation of the business

🔹How to prove yourself as a bright personality in business

The event is suitable for top managers and owners of companies, heads of departments and leading specialists, PR and public relations directors.

The basic cost of participation in the training is 6,000 rubles.

❗️For participants of the #wimru, the promo code “Mining” is available, when using which the price will be 3,000 rubles.

The number of seats is limited, advance booking is required.

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Kateryna Ryndyk-Igol

Work on the channels “Russia-24”, “Culture”, “STS”, etc.

Irina Komarova

Work on the rado “Mayak”, “Sport-FM”, etc., author’s program on the channel “RBC-TV”

Our Clients

Customer Testimonials

Each manager by the nature of his activity speaks to people: employees, customers, journalists. And the question of how to make the speech convincing, understandable, interesting is in preparation every time.

Trainings with Katerina and Irina helped me a lot in this. How to prepare properly? How do I start a speech? How to keep the attention of the audience? What is important in communicating with journalists? It’s especially great that these trainings combine theory with practicing skills in front of the camera and then analyzing…

Natalia Parmenova

Executive Director of SAP CIS

We worked together to prepare my speech at the TRI Forum on Digitalization. In my opinion, in a very limited time, we were able to improve both the material for the performance and the way it was presented. As a result, I redid almost everything I had originally planned. But the audience seemed to like it.

Nomokonov Vasiliy Petrovich

Executive Director of SIBUR

Working with you helped me in two 4-hour classes to learn how to quickly prepare for a performance in any public. The structure of the speech, the beacon words, the transitions… all this is now with me and helps to perform more effectively and confidently.

Nikiforov Aleksey Yurievich
Director. Legal support. Intellectual property. Tender Committee. LLC “SIBUR”

… It turns out that this is a whole science – not only public speaking, but in general, the correct “presentation” of oneself depending on the situation and holding the attention of the interlocutor. In this training, Irina Komarova and Katerina Ryndyk became a real discovery for me. Dynamic and easy presentation of the material, adjustment to the request and personality of the client, observations and individual advice “in the top ten”…

Anna Buzova

Purchasing Director, Moscow Exchange

… I will start with the main thing and thank you for the training and the author’s methodology, which really brings results. Even 2 years ago, I could not imagine that you can enjoy public speaking. Now I like to speak in public, whether it’s an audience interested in the stock exchange or guests at the opening ceremony of the gymnastics and acrobatics center…

Sergey Klimov

Director of Investor Relations, Moscow Exchange