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"Order in everything - in the workspace, in the image, in the words"

Olga Valentinovna Polezhaeva – Head of the sanitary-industrial laboratory of the Olimpiada GOK in the Polyus company. She approaches the solution of any problem rationally, never succumbing to difficulties.

– Olga Valentinovna, tell us about yourself.

– I was born in the village of Sahapta, Nazarovsky District, Krasnoyarsk Territory. Finished high school there. My father worked at the state farm as the chief power engineer, my mother worked as the chief accountant in the village council.

The choice of profession was determined by the teacher of chemistry Valentina Fedorovna Budakova. She worked a lot after school with us – children who showed the ability to this subject. Thanks to these lessons, I wanted to have a profession related to chemistry. And so it happened, I graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the Siberian Technological Institute. Then she worked for 18 years at OJSC Sibtsvetmetgazoochistka – she came to work as a technician, left there as the head of the commissioning site.

– How did you get into Polyus?

– I started my career at Polyus in 2009 as a laboratory assistant for the analysis of gases and dust of the 4th category, then I was the deputy head of the SPL, and since 2016 I became the head of the SPL.

– What were the first steps? Remember your first day at work?

– The profession was not new for me, and before the “Pole” I was engaged in environmental and sanitary-hygienic research.

The first day of work began, most likely, frightened, because I still did not know anything about the production of gold. Prior to that, my work was related to the production of aluminum. It was very interesting to learn about the new production, to see everything with my own eyes. I was especially impressed by the quarry and the huge dumps of overburden, and how it all exists in harmony with nature. Therefore, I tried to visit all the Polyus facilities.

What can you do without in your profession?

– Basic knowledge of chemistry is required, as well as knowledge of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of laboratory activities, environmental protection and sanitary and epidemiological welfare, etc.

– How to create an atmosphere conducive to successful work in the team?

– Do not forget that the same people work next to you, take into account compatibility in work, job satisfaction, appreciate subordinates, communicate often, respect the opinion of your employees, etc.

– What professional recommendations can you give to those who are just starting to work for you?

– No one is born with ready-made working knowledge, skills and abilities. Moreover, a sufficient amount of time must pass for the specialist to begin to feel more confident and freer in the workplace. Do not be afraid to take responsibility, do not hesitate to ask if it is not clear, work in a team, look for mentors.

– What are the main qualities that make Polyus attractive to you?

– Stability, decent wages and social conditions, career opportunities equally for men and women, support for employee initiatives.

– How do you spend your time on weekends, on vacation? Your hobbies?

– Weekends on the watch do not differ much in variety. I like to spend holidays with my grandchildren, no matter where. And my hobby is cooking. On vacation, I spend a lot of time preparing my favorite dishes for my grandchildren. I also like to work in the garden, garden, grow something with my own hands.


If one book, then … “Eternal Call” by A. S. Ivanov

If there is one place on earth, then … my small homeland …

If one dish, then … rabbit in sour cream

If one dream, then … grow an apple orchard

Your motto that guides you through life.

Don’t sag.

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