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"Our man" - a woman whose profession is called "the main enricher"

Svetlana Stanislavovna has been working for Polyus Aldan for more than 22 years, which is a follower of the oldest gold mining enterprise in Russia, Aldanzoloto, the owner of the Order of the October Revolution and many other awards, which turned 95 in 2019.

Svetlana began to earn extra money at the Kuranakh Mill, or rather, in the research laboratory at the factory, while still at school. After receiving the certificate, she, along with other graduates of Aldanzoloto, was sent to St. Petersburg Mining University. She mastered the specialty “metallurgical engineer” and after graduating from the university she returned to her native gold recovery factory.

— Svetlana Stanislavovna, how did you get into the mining industry?

She has gone through a career path from a thickener operator to a chief concentrator. Since 2001, she has held the positions of technological shift foreman, senior foreman of the sorption department, senior foreman of the desorption department, chief technologist. In May 2012, she was appointed to the position of chief engineer of the gold recovery plant, and in December 2015 she assumed the duties of the head of the gold processing plant, since January 2021 she was appointed the chief enricher of the Technology and Prospective Development Directorate.

– Does your passion for work find understanding among loved ones?

Yes, alas, my loved ones see me less often than we would like. Especially in the first time after I became a leader, I think it was hard for them. My work day is quite long. It starts at seven in the morning, and ends, sometimes, at nine in the evening. But my children are already adults, independent, and I am glad that they understand and support me. My son, too, went on a metallurgical path, studying to be a mining engineer in open-cast mining. Apparently, something in my passion for the profession sunk into his soul.

– Wasn’t there a desire at one moment to just drop everything and leave?

Of course, you can quit, but it is important to understand whether you have support from both the team and the management of the enterprise. I have it. There are people I can rely on and they will never let you down. It is very important to feel it, and then it is easier to survive difficulties.

– And yet, is the profession of an enricher female or male?

Professionally, I would not make a difference between a man and a woman. Now our industry is not only hard work in a quarry or at a gold recovery plant, but also intellectual work. Therefore, there are many opportunities to find a use for yourself and be useful. I constantly had to confirm my professionalism, because a woman needs to spend a lot of time and effort to prove what she is worth. But despite all the difficulties, on my way I always met very professional leaders and colleagues who supported and believed in me, and I will always be grateful to them.

– What is interesting about the enrichment profession?

There is no single formula in our profession, it is impossible to work according to a single stereotype. Yes, we have basic modes, basic technological regulations, but despite this, it is necessary to constantly intervene in the process and change some parameters. I personally like it, there is no monotonous work, I will say this, there is no always easily enriched ore, something new every day.

All of the above achievements would be difficult to imagine without the sensitive and at the same time rational leadership of Svetlana Stanislavovna in all areas, herself focused on results and continuous improvement of professional competencies, she demands the same from her subordinates, while remaining an example.