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"To be brave means to strive forward"

In early October, the Women in Mining Russia Association summed up the voting results and presented awards to the winners of the Talented Woman in the Mining Industry award. Svetlana Tsyrulnikova, head of the technical control department at Polyus Verninskoye, won the prize in the Inspirational Leader nomination.

All finalists are different, unique, and each has its own interesting career story.

Svetlana Tsyrulnikova got into the mining industry by chance. After graduating from school, there was no understanding of who he wants to become in the future. I decided to try myself as a psychologist. Despite the good performance in all subjects, the Pedagogical Institute failed to enter the first time.

In order to better prepare for the exams and make a second attempt, Svetlana had exactly a year. She did not waste time in vain and got a job in the laboratory of the Zhireken GOK. The study of minerals in the factory turned out to be a very exciting activity for the girl. According to Svetlana, she felt like a pioneer, since in this work many processes are hidden from the human eye. When the time came to enter, Svetlana chose the direction of “enrichment of minerals” of the Mining Faculty of the Chita State University. She combined her studies with work. And after receiving a diploma, she continued to work at the factory.

Svetlana started her career in the mining industry as a modest newcomer – a floater in the research laboratory of Zhirekensky GOK, then worked as a control panel operator, and reached the position of assistant to the head of the factory for technology. Due to the unfavorable economic situation in the country, the company was closed. Svetlana was invited to the Verninsky GOK as a quality control foreman. Three years later, she became Deputy Chief Technologist for Research. She collaborated with research institutes that were involved in the implementation of innovations to increase the extraction of gold from ore. Since 2020, Svetlana Tsyrulnikova has been the head of the technical control department at the Verninskaya Mill.

Svetlana calls the initial period of work in production the most difficult stage of her career. Firstly, you are young and hot, you think that you know and can do everything. Secondly, there is getting used to the new environment, internal rules.

– When people in a team are of different ages, different qualifications, it is very difficult to find a common language and build relationships. When you find yourself in such an environment, you understand the difference between a leader at any level and an employee. The task of the manager is to organize coordinated rhythmic work so that everyone at their workplace is responsible for their performance and understands why they do it and what depends on the quality of their work. I think that one of the main qualities that an employee should have is responsibility. I always tell my guys, maybe they are offended by this: when you wash the dishes, think about the cup. And in production, too, when you do some work, you have to think about how you do it. Another quality that I want to mention is courage. For example, boldly express your opinion, be bold and ask a question.

All control work is regulated by standards and laws. To carry out the operation, we must know how this work is performed, on the basis of what documents.

Courage is when you see that someone is doing a job wrong and you need to make a comment. Sometimes, this is the hardest part. Because working in a team, we become not just colleagues, but friends. It is important to be able to distinguish these relations, – says Svetlana Tsyrulnikova.

It was these qualities, as well as initiative and restlessness, that helped Svetlana build a career in the mining industry.

Many express the opinion that it would be much more comfortable for the fair sex to be in the “female profession”. Svetlana Tsyrulnikova supports the idea of equality and is proud of every employee of the department, who is talented and unique in their own way.

– Each of us always has a choice, but in any action, it is important to sincerely dedicate yourself to what you are doing so that there is benefit and value in this activity. Constantly improve and develop, know what you want to achieve and never give up. Recently, many young specialists have come to the GOK. Each of them has knowledge, ambition and desire to gain experience. I am proud to be a part of Polyus Verninskoye. Proud to be one of the women working in the extractive industry. Proud to be part of a team that explores new challenges and opportunities. I’m proud of my achievements. I encourage everyone to be brave, go beyond the standards, strive for new knowledge, go ahead and act.